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On July 11, 2013
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Blendtec Designer Series BlendersIf you are looking for a high end blender that is extremely versatile, easy to use and easy to clean then choosing one of the blenders from the Blendtec designer series may be just what you are in the market for. There are three blenders that are included in the Blendtec Designer series and three three blenders are:

  • Blendtec 1003219 Designer Series Wildside Blender
  • Blendtec designer series blender Combo package (comes with 2 jars)
  • Blendtec 1003202 Designer series Fourside blender

Both the Blendtec 1003219 and the Blendtec 1003202 come in three great colors, black, red and cream.

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Features of the Blendtec Designer Series

The Blendtec Designer series has the following features:

  • Great speed control
  • Vivid icons that make it easy for you to choose the exact function you want and need.
  • New Design that looks great on the Kitchen Counter.
  • Versatile functionality
  • Special design keeps motor cool extending the life of the motor
  • 1560 Watts of power
  • Easy clean-up makes the Blendtec Designer series a dream to use

What Comes in the Box

When you purchase one of the blenders in the Blendtec Designer series you should find the following when you open the box.

  • Designer series motor base
  • Wide side jar (there will be 2 jars in the Blendtec Designer series wideside jar package)
  • Vented gripper lid
  • Recipe book
  • Owners manual
  • Registration card

What Users Have to Say about the Blendtec Designer Series

Judging by the sheer number of reviews the Blendtec 1003219 is the most popular of the Blendtec series and this particular blender has many fans among it’s users. Here is just some of the things that actual consumers have to say about this blender.

Blends Incredibly Smooth

From soft vegetables to leafy greens and even those seeds and nuts this blender seems to blend everything you place in it to a smooth rich consistency, which is perfect for those people who like the benefits of juicing, but also want to be able to consume all the fiber that is in the pulp. The secret is the preprogrammed buttons that takes the guess work out getting the perfect the blend.

A Blender That Actually Fits Under those Kitchen Cabinets

Users also like the the fact that the Blendtec Designer series blenders fit under the kitchen cabinets, which allows you to slide them back on the counter top. It can be frustrating with other blenders to always feel like they are in the way when you are reaching for something in the cabinet and have to move the blender to open your cabinet door or risk bumping it every time you want to open a cabinet. The Blendtec also looks neater slide back on counter top rather than having to sit near the edge.

Ease of Cleaning

The blenders in this series are extremely easy to clean, which means you will be using this blender more often since cleaning up won’t be a hassle. The outside wipes off with just a damp rag and the wideside jar makes cleaning it a breeze.

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