Blendtec Professional Series

by Betty Goodberry

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On March 11, 2014
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Blendtec Professional Series

Blendtec Professional Series


Blendtec Professional Series


If you are looking for a versatile blender than can do many of the same tasks that you would expect a food processor to do, and one that looks so great on your counter that you can have built in then the Blentec Professional series built-in or Counter-Top Blender four side/ wild side combo may be the blender for you.

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Features of the Built-in/Counter-top blender

The Blendtec professional series built-in/counter-top blender is an extremely attractive blender that will good either built in to your counter top or simply sitting on it. However, looking good is not the only thing this blender has going for it. One look at the features of this blender and you’ll know that this is an extremely versatile blender than can short work of many of those cooking chores. These features include:

  • 12 Amp 1560 watt motor gives this blender plenty of power to make short work of just about any fruit or vegetable that you place inside.
  • Can control the speed with a simple push of a button, so you can get the right amount of speed you need to make smoothies, soups, salsas and more.
  • 2 large jars one wild side and one square sided jar helps this blender blend evenly and smoothly and makes clean-up a breeze.
  • Can be built into the counter or sit on top to suit your needs and the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Comes with a recipe book that has a variety of different taste tempting recipes.
  • Built to last
  • 7 year warranty

What Comes in the Box

When you purchase the Blentec Professional series built-in or Counter-Top Blender four side/ wild side combo you should find the following in the box:

  • Professional motor and base
  • 1-4 sided jar
  • 1-wild side jar
  • 2 vented lids
  • Owners/operators manual
  • Recipe book

This blender is designed to help reduce the time you spend in the kitchen preparing smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, salad dressings, and salsa. It can also be used to mix bread dough and grind nuts and seeds. With this blender you can take cooking and meal preparation to whole new level.

What the Review Have to Say

Currently there are not a lot of reviews for the Blentec Professional series blender built-in/counter top four side/ wild side combo, but the ones that are available are overwhelming positive. Actual users find that this blender is both powerful and versatile and meets the needs for which they purchased the blender for.

In addition to liking the blender itself, users found the recipe book to not only contain some great recipes, but also to contain a wealth of information on how to get certain foods to come out to the consistency you want. Users do recommend that you follow the manuals guide on filling the blender so that you don’t overfill the appliance, which can result in making a mess out of your counter top.

This blender is recommended for those people who use a blender on a regular basis and want that is highly functional and reliable.

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