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On May 30, 2013
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The Magic Bullet


The magic bullet is a miniature blender, coffee grinder and food processor that takes up very little space on your countertop, (The same space as a coffee mug.) and is suppose to do just about any blending or food processing job in 10 seconds or less. Single people or couples who have little use for large blenders and food processors may find the Magic bullet the ideal alternative. The magic bullet comes in three different size sets, a 17 piece set, a 25 piece set and a 26 piece set. This article will explain just what pieces each set contains and whether or not, the additional pieces makes a difference in the performance of the magic bullet.

How the Magic Bullet Works

All three sets of the magic bullet work identically. You simply load one of the cups that are provided with magic bullet with your ingredients, Twist on one of the blades that comes with the set making sure that it is sealed tight. Line up the tabs and put the cup on the base and hold it until the food is chopped, diced, or blended to your satisfaction. Or follow the directions for running the magic bullet hands free.

17 Piece Magic Bullet


The 17 piece magic bullet consists of the following pieces:

  • Power base
  • 2 blades ( one cross blade one flat blade)
  • 2 cups (one large and one small)
  • 4 mugs
  • 4 colored comfort lip rings
  • 2 sealed lids
  • 2 vented lids
  • And a recipe book (not counted in the 17 piece magic bullet set)

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25 Piece Magic Bullet

The 25 piece Magic bullet set consists of the following pieces:

  • Power Base
  • 2 cups (one tall and one short)
  • 3 piece small Pitcher/blender
  • 2 stainless steel blades (one cross blade, one flat blade)
  • 2 stay fresh re-sealable lids
  • 2 shaker/steamer tops
  • 2 Bullet on the go 22 ounce mugs
  • 2 flip-top lids
  • 3 party mugs
  • 5 colored comfort lip rings
  • 1 recipe book, instruction manual
  • Comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty

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26 Piece Magic Bullet Set

The 26 piece Magic Bullet Set consists of the following pieces:

  • Power base
  • 2 cups (one tall cup, one short cup)
  • 3 piece small pitcher/blender set
  • 3 Stainless steel blades (one cross blade, one flat blade and one ice shaver blade only found with the 26 piece set)
  • 2 stay fresh re-sealable lids
  • 2 shaker/steamer tops
  • 2 Bullet on the go 22 ounce mugs
  • 2 flip top lids
  • 3 party mugs
  • 5 colored comfort lip rings
  • 1 recipe book

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As you can see by looking at all the pieces for the 17, 25, and 26 piece sets, all the three sets of the Magic Bullets work as a blender, coffee grinder, and food processor. However, descriptions for both the 25 and 26 piece sets also state that the Magic Bullet functions as a juicer, most probably due to the addition of the 3 piece pitcher/blender.

In addition the 26 piece Magic Bullet also includes a blade for shaving ice to make snow for the icy drinks and snow cones. Neither the 17 or the 25 piece Magic bullet have the ice shaving blades.

What the Magic Bullet Can Realistically Do

The manufactures of the Magic Bullet claim that this small little appliance can do everything a large blender, coffee grinder, food processor, and juicer can do, realistically this is not the case. For starters the Magic Bullet due to its incredibly small size is not going to be able to mince a whole onion or potato unless you do some pre-cutting before putting these types of produce into the Magic bullet. The appliance simply isn’t large enough to handle large pieces of produce in those little cups.

In addition while the Magic bullet may be able to process all the foods a larger food processor or blender does it will do so for smaller servings and is not likely to come in handy when making a large family holiday dinner (except for making mixed drinks)

What the Magic Bullet does seem to do and do well is make pre-measured portions which is great for those concerned about portion control or who simply want to eat less. It also seems to be particularly good at making baby food, sandwich spreads, and smoothies.

Since you can use the food you prepare in the Magic bullet right out of the containers it saves you a lot of time and effort normally spent in clean-up as well.

What the Magic Bullet is not

You also need to keep in mind that Magic Bullet is not a dedicated juicer that you can simply throw produce in, run it and get healthy juice. In order to get anything close to juice from this appliance you are going to have add extra liquid to the produce you put into the Bullet. Then unless you strain the results of your juicing you are going to get a rather thick juice that is more smoothie consistency than that of actual juice.

Who is the Magic Bullet Most Suited For

The Magic Bullet is most suited for single people or a couple who love to cook and want to use a blender, coffee grinder, and food processor without investing a lot of money into three larger machines. It is also well suited for those family who have larger appliances that does what the Magic Bullet does, but wants something small to make single serve morning smoothies, or just enough home made sauce or fresh baby food for a single meal.

Because it takes up so little space on the counter (though you do need ample space to store all the pieces for any of these sets) it is great for people who like to prepare just one serving of anything on a regular basis.


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