Ninja 1100 vs. Ninja 1200

by Betty Goodberry

Side by Side Comparison Between The Ninja 1100 and the Ninja 1200


If you are like most people you probably find yourself wondering what is the difference between the Ninja 1100 and the Ninja 1200 Kitchen Systems. This side by side comparison may help you clearly understand the difference and which one is right for you.

Ninja 1100

Ninja 1200



72 Ounce Pitcher 72 Ounce Pitcher
40 ounce dough bowl 40 ounce dough bowl
1100 Watt 1100 Watt
Dishwasher safe parts Dishwasher safe parts
Lock in lid/spill spout Lock in lid/spill spout
3 Speeds and pulse 3 Speeds and pulse
Dough hook Dough hook
2 Paddles 2 Paddles
2 Blades 2 Blades



Smaller footprint than the 1200 Larger footprint than 1100
2 piece base 1 piece base
Free cookbook No cookbook
Lower Price than 1200 Higher Price than 1100


Two Peas in a Pod

As you can easily see from the above comparison table, there is little difference between the Ninja 1100 and the Ninja 1200. Both offer the extra large 72 ounce pitcher for making those smoothies, shakes, frozen drinks, soups, sauces and more. Both blenders offer you a 40 ounce dough bowl for making all different kinds of dough. Both have plenty of power to meet all of the average needs of the home cook and both the 1100 and the 1200 equally attractive.

You are probably wondering why the Ninja company would make two blenders so much alike. Initially, the Ninja 1100 was made to sold as a “seen on television” product while the Ninja 1200 was made to be sold in brick and mortar stores. However, these days more and more “as seen on television” products are appearing in stores, and more items that were traditionally only sold in brick and mortar stores are being sold online, blurring the differences between these two blenders even further.

Considering the Major and Minor Differences Between the Ninja 1100 and Ninja 1200

The one major difference between the Ninja 1100 and the Ninja 1200 is the base. While the 1100s base comes in two parts the 1200 is a single part base, which makes the 1200 easier to handle and store for some people. However, if you are planning on keeping your blender on the counter top the 1100 has a smaller footprint than the 1200 does which may make a huge difference if your counter top space is limited.

Bonus Cookbook

Strangely enough the lower priced Ninja 1100 offers a free cookbook that is valued at around $30.00 while the more expensive 1200 doesn’t come with any cookbook at all. For those who are first time blender users or who want to use their blenders for more than mixing up smoothies and drinks the cookbook may tip the balance in favor of the 1100. In addition, budget conscious individuals may not be able to justify spending more money simply because the 1200s base one solid piece.

In the end it doesn’t matter whether you choose the Ninja 1100 or 1200 you will get a good blender that can allow you to be more creative in the kitchen.






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