Ninja Kitchen System 1200 Sale

by Betty Goodberry

Ninja Kitchen System 1200

Ninja Kitchen System 1200

Ninja Kitchen System 1200


The Ninja Blender 1200 also known as the Ninja Kitchen System 1200 is a professional blending and dough making system. This blender can make juice and smoothies, blend soups, make baby food and nut butters, make bread, pretzel, and cookie dough and so much more.

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Some Features of the Ninja 1200 Blender

  • Smart Speed TechnolNogy that controls speed to give you perfectly blended creations.
  • 72 ounce pitcher with lock in lid and pour spout
  • 40 ounce dough pitcher
  • 3 speeds plus pulse
  • Attachments include whisk, dough hook, 2 dough paddles, 2 blade assemblies, instruction book
  • Parts are dishwasher safe, however the silicone seals can soften in the dishwasher.

Difference Between the Ninja blender 1100 and 1200

For those of you who are trying to decide whether you should purchase the Ninja blender 1100 or 1200 and are having difficulty telling the difference between these two appliances you will be happy to know that you are not alone. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the Ninja 1100 and 1200 by just looking at them. That is because originally the 1100 was made to be sold on television and 1200 was made to be sold in brick and mortar stores, so they are basically the same machine with only minor differences.

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The Base

The major difference between the Ninja 1200 and 1100 is that the 1200 has a one piece base that locks into onto the table using powerful suction. While the 1100 has the same powerful suction that holds the base into place, the 1100’s base is actually in two sections. The fact that one of the bases comes in two parts has no effect on how the blenders perform.


Another notable difference between these two Ninja blenders is that the 1200 has a larger footprint than the 1100. This may mean that if you have limited counter space for that blender the 1100 may be a better choice.

Free Cookbook

The third difference between the Ninja 1200 and 1100 has nothing to do with the actual blenders themselves, but rather with the addition of a free cookbook when you purchase the 1100. This cookbook does not come with the 1200 model.

The Ninja blender 1200 model gives you the same ability to make a variety of different foods as well as doughs. It still has three speeds and pulse feature and still comes with an extra large pitcher to blend your food in, and the parts are still dishwasher safe. In other words the Ninja 1200 is still a fine functioning and durable machine that has all the features that you could wish for in a blender.

If you are looking for a good functioning blender at a fairly reasonable price that has a solid one piece base then Ninja 1200 blender might just be the right blender for you. Otherwise, you may want to consider the Ninja 1100 if you are looking to save a few dollars.

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