Ninja MEGA Kitchen System 1500 Sale

by Betty Goodberry

Ninja MEGA Kitchen System 1500

Ninja MEGA Kitchen System 1500


Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500


The Ninja 1500 is not just a blender, it is also a high functioning food processor, which may make it the most used small appliance in your kitchen. The Ninja 1500 offers you a quality machine at a mid-range price.

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Here are some of the features of this blender that makes it unique.

  • 2 HP 1500 watt
  • Extra large BPA free 72 ounce blender with pour spout and 6 blade assembly.
  • Extra Large food processor with a 8 cup bowl and Makes 2 pounds of dough in as little 30 seconds.
  • 2 BPA single serving cups with built in juicing blades and travel lids
  • 3 cup mini bowl
  • One touch pulsing
  • Dishwasher safe attachments
  • Dishwasher safe attachments
  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Easy to clean

Ninja Blender 1500 A lot of Function for the Price

The powerful blender combined with a powerful food processor that can make smoothies and frozen drinks, chopped vegetables and nuts, grind coffee, make sauces and baby food, and so much more. This blender could well replace two or three appliances in your home making the Ninja 1500 a great value for the price.

Not a Dedicated Juicer

However, this Ninja is not a dedicated juicer. Although the company does claim it juices in order to extract juice you need to add a lot of liquid, which waters down the strength of the juice. In most cases, the consistency of the juice from this blender will be closer to that of a smoothie than actual juice.

While the Ninja mega kitchen system 1500 can make a lot of different dishes if you are looking for a juicer then this appliance will not meet your needs.


When purchasing this blender you will need to think about storing it. The Ninja 1500 comes with a wealth of different parts which increases it functionality, but also makes it somewhat difficult to store. While the mini mixing bowl nests nicely inside the larger bowl there are also single serve cups and a number of blades that all need to be stored away to keep you kitchen counter top clutter free.

The good news however, is since the Ninja 1500 can take place of both a food processor and a coffee grinder, you may easily be able to clear out enough space to store this incredible appliance.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a machine that will help you prepare a variety of healthy foods fast or if you are just setting up your first kitchen and looking for appliances that can do more than one thing and save you money then the Ninja blender 1500 may be the right appliance for you. However, if you all ready have a good juicer, coffee grinder, and food processor and are just looking to replace an old worn out blender then the 1500 may be more than you need or want.

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