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Vitamix Blenders

With so many Series and Models Vitamix has to offer, article below will help you choose which Vitamix to buy.

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Classic Series

Vitamix Classic Series are designed for people who want to cook healthy family meals and save time and energy when entertaining friends or families.

Vitamix 5200 Standard
#1 Best Seller
Vitamix 5200 Standard
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Vitamix 5200 Super HealthyVitamix 5200 Super Package
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Vitamix 5200 Compact ContainerVitamix 5200 Compact Container
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Vitamix 5200 DeluxeVitamix 5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen
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Vitamix 6300Vitamix 6300
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Professional Series

The Vitamix Professional Series is design for those who want to prepare restaurant quality meals at home.

Vitamix CIA Pro Series
#2 Best Seller
CIA Professional Series
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Vitamix Professional Series 200Professional Series 200
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Vitamix Professional Series 500Professional Series 500
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Vitamix Professional Series 300Professional Series 300
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Vitamix Professional Series 750Professional Series 750
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Turboblend Series

The vitamix Turboblend Series is designed for those who want to support raw, vegan, vegetarian lifestyle or beginners in blender use.

Vitamix Turboblend 2 speed
#3 Best Seller
Vitamix Turboblend 2 Speed
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Vitamix Turboblend VSVitamix Turboblend VS
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Creations Series

The Vitamix Creation Series is designed for those who want to explore culinary creativities

Creations EliteCreations Elite
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Vitamix Creations IICreations II
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Vitamix Creations GCCreations GC (64 oz)
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Vitamix Creations GC Compact ContainerCreations GC with Compact Container (48oz)
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Vitamix CIA CreationsCIA Creations
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Which Vitamix To Buy


Chances are if you are reading this you have all ready decided that you are interested in buying a Vitamix blender, and why not? Many people consider Vitamix to be the top of the heap when it comes to blenders. However, some people find that because Vitamix has so many blenders to choose from that deciding which blender to buy poses a problem. That really isn’t the case at all. Vitamix does have several blenders for you to choose from, but they have made the process easy by dividing their blenders up into four different series. The Classic, The Professional, The Turbo, and the Creation. To get started on selecting the right Vitamix Blender for you simply choose the series that best suits your lifestyle and cooking ambitions.

The Classic Series

The Classic is as close as Vitamix comes to a basic blender. The blenders in this series is designed for the home cook who likes to do a bit of entertaining and enjoys making dips, salsa, and frozen desserts as well as soups. A classic Vitamix blender does pretty much what any other blender does, it just does it a little bit better than most.

The Professional Series

The Professional Series of Vitamix blenders are for those people who really love to cook and want their food to be of the same quality and consistency you would find in any fine dinning restaurant. It is for those who want to go a bit beyond the ordinary and make chef quality dinners, desserts and sides.

The Turbo Series

The Vitamix Turbo series are for those health conscious people who are trying to eat healthier by going vegan or eating more raw or whole foods and need a blender that can turn those raw foods into creamy healthy snacks and meals without having to add unhealthy ingredients to blend the food into the right consistency

The Creative Series

The Creative Series of Vitamix blenders are for those cooks who want to take their cooking to whole new level and explore new ways of making various dishes and turn out quality food that will even make the most well known chefs stand up and take notice.

Once you decide which series of Vitamix most suits your needs and where you want to go with your cooking adventures then it is time to take a look at the different blenders in the series that you have chosen. Keep in mind that in many cases, the blenders in each series are quite identical and may only differ slightly in terms of accessories, size or some other options. With that in mind let’s take a look at the different blenders each series has to offer.

Blenders in the Classic Series

There are 5 blenders in the Classic series. Each of these blenders come with the Let’s get started DVD at least one tamper and a 7 year warranty. Now let’s take a closer look at each of these blenders individually.

The Vitamix 5200 Standard Getting started

The Vitamix 5200 standard blender comes is the most basic of the 5200 blenders and comes with a 64 ounce BPA free contain made of Eastman Tritan Copolyester and a 2 peak horse power motor. It stands 20.5 inches high with the pitcher in place and is 8 ¾ inches deep and 7 ¼ inches wide. The cutting blades are made of durable stainless steel. The 5200 standard comes with a tamper, the Getting started DVD, a getting started guide and The whole foods recipe cookbook which is three ring binder hard covered cookbook with hundreds of recipes inside to get your started on using your new Vitamix. You have a choice of color between onyx (black) red, white, brushed stainless steel and platinum

The Vitamix 5200 compact container

The Vitamix 5200 with Compact Container is the same as the 5200 standard with the exception that the jar is only 48 ounces (thus the compact) and standing only 17.4” tall due to the smaller size jar. It also comes in only four colors onyx, white, red and brushed stainless steel. Otherwise it is the same great blender.

Vitamix 5200 Super Healthy Lifestyle Blender

With the Vitamix super healthy lifestyle blender you get the same incredible 5200 blender, with a few important extras for those who are looking to eat healthier overall. Along with the 64 ounce BPA tritan Copolyester container you also get a 32 ounce one designed especially for making breads, cereals, and baked goods. You also get the regular tamper as well as the mini tamper, the whole grains cookbook, whole foods recipe book, the getting started guide, and the Let’s get started DVD. While you can add all of these extras to any of the other 5200 blenders the price of getting them in this package is much less than with this package. You can get the super healthy lifestyle blender in onyx, brushed stainless steel, white or ruby,

5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen

Like the 5200 super Healthy Lifestyle blender the 5200 Deluxe complete kitchen blender is the same as other 5200 blenders in this series, the only difference being the accessories you get with this blender which includes:

  • both a 64 and 32 ounce jar for smoothies and soups
  • 32 ounce grains container
  • Set of 3 spatulas
  • 4 flexible cutting boards
  • Whole grains cookbook
  • Whole foods cookbook
  • Getting started guide
  • Let’s get started
  • 2 tampers

Comes in onyx, white, brushed stainless steel, and ruby.

The Vitamix Classic 6300

The only real difference between the 5200 hundred and 6300 is that the 6300 comes with three programed settings, and the Savor recipe book. It also comes with the Let’s Get Started DVD and a Tamper. Colors include Onyx, Platinum, Ruby and White.

The Professional Series

The Vitamix professional series are the blenders that are chosen most often by culinary students who are working to prefect their skills and create various types of cuisine from classical French to new age gastronomic delights. This series offers 6 blender packages to choose from. Here is a brief look at each package.

Professional series 200 and 200 Compact

The Professional series 200 and 200 compact are the exact same blender, with the exception that while the 200 has the 64 ounce container for blending larger amounts the 200 compact has a 48 ounce container which makes it an easier fit under your cabinets. Both blender packages come with the Create cookbook, Let’s get started guide, tamper and 7 year warranty. The Professional series 200 comes in onyx while the compact comes in ruby (which is actually a black and red unit.)

Professional Series 300

The Professional Series 300 blender comes with Vitamix’s new 64 ounce container which is slightly shorter and wider than the older containers which makes for an easier fit under your counter. All together the 300 stands 17.4” high rather than 20.5”. This blender comes in a choice between red, and Onyx and comes with the Create cookbook, getting started guide, a Tutorial guide by a professional chef, and tamper.

Professional Series 500

The Professional Series 500 blender comes with the original container, Programmed settings so you can just set and walk away, The Create cookbook, Let’s get started DVD and tamper. This blender comes in brushed stainless steel.

Professional Series 750

The Professional Series 750 features the new shorter 64 ounce container, 5 programmed settings, and comes with the Create cookbook, the getting started guide, the Tutorial DVD, tamper. It comes in brushed stainless steel.

CIA Professional Series with Compact Container

The CIA professional series compact container package is the same incredible blender just with the smaller 48 ounce container. It does come with two cookbooks rather than one, as you get both the Create Recipes cookbook and Recipes from the Professional chefs at the Culinary institute of America so that you can practice some of the same dishes culinary students learn to make. Of course you also get the Let’s get started DVD and the mini tamper. It comes in brushed stainless steel.

Vitamix TurboBlend Series

The Vitamix Turboblend series offers two different blenders. These blenders come equipped with a cooler running motor to help keep keep in all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are the entire reason for why people choose a raw food diet to begin with. Here is a look at the Turboblend series.

The TurboBlend 2 speed

The Turboblend 2 speed come with the handy 64 ounce container, spill proof vented lid with plug, and other features you expect to find on a Vitamix blender, it simply comes with a new base and motor that stays cooler even when operating at high temperature. It has 2 speeds which allow you to perfectly blend just about any raw ingredient choose simply and easily. With the Turboblend 2 you also get the tamper (of course) and the Recipes for Turboblend 2 which have been specially tested by chefs. This blender comes only in black and has a 5 year warranty.

TurboBlend VS

The TurboBlend VS gives you a little bang for your buck. This blender comes with an additional variable speed dial (not just two speeds) The Live fresh recipe book, a Let’s get started DVD, Tamper, 100% hemp filtration bag for making nut milks, juicing and sprouting. It too comes in basic black, but comes with a 7 year warranty.

Vitamix Creation Series

The Vitamix Creation Series includes 6 blender packages of various prices to meet every need for those cooks who want to go beyond simple home cooking and begin creating their own chef inspired dishes. Here is a brief look at the blender packages in the Vitamix creation series

Creations II

The Creations II is a powerful variable speed blender and a compact 48 ounce container for creating numerous dishes limited only by your imagination. This blender comes with all the features you have come to consider as standard when purchasing a Vitamix. It also comes with the Creations cookbooks that contains hundreds of recipes including a special section for cocktails and chef tested recipes, and of course a mini tamper to help create those nut butters and other thicker dishes. The creations II comes in your choice of black or white.

Creations GC and Creations GC Compact Container

The Creations GC and GC compact container are the virtually the same blender. The only differences being that Creations GC compact container blender comes in black, white, and red and uses the more compact 48 ounce container rather the GC’s 64 ounce container. The GC also only comes in a choice of white or black. Both of these blenders use the same power and speed that the Vitamix blenders professional chefs use. They come with creations cookbook with a Healthy new section, the Let’s get started DVD and the Mini tamper.

CIA Creations

The CIA creations package will make you feel as though you are taking classes at the Culinary institute of America. This blender package comes in black and you get both the 48 ounce compact container and 32 ounce dry container as well as three great cookbooks including “Baking made simple,” “Creations recipes” and recipes from CIA Master Chefs, and the mini tamper. The blender itself comes with the Vitamix powerful motor and intuitive High/Low settings.

Creations Elite

The creations Elite features a new Vitamix blender inside and out. It has a new higher performance motor as well a very responsive variable speed dial and pulse feature. It comes with the Vitamix 48 ounce jar as well as insulated smoothie cup, the Creations cookbook, the Let’s get started DVD and the Mini tamper. Available in black and white and with a 5 year warranty, this blender has just about everything the modern the cook could want or need.

Creations Turbo

With the Creations Turbo there is no end to the dishes and drinks you will be able to make right in your own home with the right ingredients and a little help from the three cookbooks that comes with this cleverly designed package. You get a powerful motor and base with intutive high/low controls, both a 64 ounce container for juices, smoothies, frozen desserts, soups and more and the 32 ounce dry container, the regular tamper and mini tamper, the creations cookbook, 101 blender drinks recipe books, baking made simple cookbook and of course Vitamix’s 5 year warranty. This blender is available in black only.

Now that you know more about the various blenders and blender packages Vitamix has to offer, which Vitamix blender will you choose?








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