Masticating Juicers: Why Juice With Vertical Juicers?

by Betty Goodberry

Vertical v.s. Horizontal Masticating Juicer


In 2008, the world was introduced to vertical masticating juicers. Prior to that time, all masticating juicers were horizontal offered a lot of great benefits such as making a variety of food items other than juice. In the eyes of the juicing world there simply didn’t seem like there was any need for a masticating vertical juicer. Still today, people are asking the question; Why juice with vertical juicers? Here are a few reasons why dedicated juicers might want to consider those vertical juicers.

Vertical Masticating Juicer combines the benefits of the Centrifugal Juicer with Masticating Juicer

Vertical Masticating Juicers combine benefits of Centrifugal Juicer and Masticating Juicer in one, so you do not have to choose one over the other. Centrifugal juicers, in general produce juice at the faster speed and it is easy to use and clean. Horizontal Masticating Juicers are slower but can juicer wider range of fruits, leafy vegetables and wheatgrass. Vertical Masticating Juicer allows you to juice wider range or produce at the faster speed. You will also get better quality of juice that only masticating juicers can generate.

Vertical Juicers are Faster at Producing Juice

Vertical juicers also produce juice faster than do horizontal juicers. You may be wondering how if both machines run at 80RPMs one can produce juice faster than the other. It all has to do with the amount of actual work the auger needs to do. In vertical juicer, the body of the juicer is turned vertically and the auger is made about 3-4 times larger than that of the horizontal one. Therefore the vertical juicer can take in larger amount of produce, and due to their larger auger, one revolution can process more ingredients fed in. This enables the vertical juicer to process ingredients faster than a horizontal one can.

In addition, while some horizontal masticating juicers have difficulty juicing soft fruits like berries without throwing the berries back out of the feeder, and aren’t always proficient at juicing wheat grass and leafy greens, vertical masticating juicers seem to be able to juice all kinds of produce equally well and get the maximum of juice out of each type of produce.

Vertical Juicer Produces Even More Juice

One reason why you might want to choose a vertical masticating juicer is because you simply get more juice from the same amount of produce. The augers in horizontal juicers mince the produce and then push the pulp against a screen to extract the juice. This results in more juice and dryer pulp than you find with centrifugal juicers, but in most cases the pulp still has some dampness. Vertical juicers on the hand use the auger to chop the produce, which then squeezed prior to the pulp being pushed against the screen. This results in an almost double squeezing process that results in more juice and dryer pulp.

In order to get the same amount of juice from a horizontal masticating juicer, you would need to run the pulp through the juicer again, which while effective adds wear and tear to the machine resulting in less actual juice during the machines lifetime.

When Would You Choose Vertical or Horizontal Masticating Juicer

In the end it all comes down to what you want from a juicer. If you want to juice a variety of produce, want the most quantity for your produce dollar, and great taste and nutritional benefits then a masticating vertical juicer is the one you are going to want to choose. However, if you want a juicer that doesn’t just juice but can double as a coffee grinder and make baby food and nut butter then the horizontal model would be the one to accomplish the job for you.

What are Some Popular Models of Vertical Masticating Juicers

There are a few models of Vertical Masticating Juicers, Omega VRT330 and Omega VRT350 are the popular ones offered by Omega Juicer company. Hurom Slow Juicers and The Oscar 930 Pro Juicer are also vertical juicers that originate from the same factory. The outstanding feature of Omega Juicer is the use of the GE Ultem Juicing Auger which is 8 times stronger than materials used in other juicer auger. Since juicer uses a lot of chewing and grinding action, auger is one of the most important components of a juicer which determines how long it lasts. Choosing one with a strong auger will make your investment worth a long time.



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