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Champion Household Juicer is very versatile. The juice produced tastes so good. It can also make great tasting Sorbet! Great for any kind of fruits and vegetables.

Champion 2000+ Household Juicer G5-NG-853S

Champion 2000+ Household Juicer G5-NG-853S

Champion Household Juicer


 Masticating Juicer

The Champion household juicer is simply a less robust version of the Champion  commercial juicer. The Champion household juicer has many of the same features as the Champion Commercial Juicer, it is just a little less robust.

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Features of the Champion Household Juicer

  • Made of sturdy stainless steel and FDA accepted nylon parts
  • 1/3 horsepower GE motor
  • 1.75 inch feeding tube
  • Comes with screens and Tamper
  • Funnel
  • Booklet
  • Juices fruits and vegetables, but not recommended for leafy greens
  • Also makes nut butters, baby foods, and frozen sherbets.
  • Comes in Black, silver, almond and white
  • Recommended for those juicing about 12 ounces of juice per day
  • 10 year limited warranty (one year on blade and screen

One of the things that most people will find impressive about the Champion 2000+ Household juicer is the honesty of the company itself. This company not only tells you that their juicer is not designed for leafy greens (though there is an option leafy green attachment you can order) they also tell you that their Champion 2000+ household juicer is not designed for juicing large amounts of juice on a continual basis. Few other companies are that forthcoming about their appliances.

Perhaps due to the companies honesty the Champion Household Juicer is not nearly as popular as the Champion Commercial juicer even though they have many of the same parts. Perhaps this because most of the people who purchase a Champion juicer are dedicated juicers who juice several times a day and use this juicer for nut butters, frozen desserts and other uses so they choose the commercial version due to the amount of use their users undergoes.

What The Reviews Say

Reviews for the Champion household juicer are extremely positive with this juicer receiving 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. Like the commercial version of this juicer, people who had owned the same Champion juicer for several years and never experienced any serious problems with their juicer wrote many of the positive reviews.

Most users found this juicer easy to assemble and easy to take apart and clean. They felt it made high quality juice and a lot of it. The Champion household juicer manual urges users to run the pulp through the juicer a second time to increase their juice output and save money on produce. Many of the users admittedly skip this step feeling that the pulp is actually quite dry the first time around.

In addition, many of the users also stated that they did juice leafy greens with this juicer and felt it did an adequate job despite the fact that the Champion household juicer company clearly states that this juicer is not meant to juice leafy greens. Ironically some of the users who wrote negative reviews for this juicer based that negative review at least in part on the fact that this juicer does not juice leafy greens well.

If you juice occasionally or only want to partake of one large glass or a couple of small glasses of juice a day then the Champion household juicer may be a perfect choice for you. However, if you are a dedicated juicer who want to use this appliance to make creamy frozen fruit desserts and nut butters on a regular basis consider the Champion commercial juicer.


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