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by Betty Goodberry

Review of: Champion Juicers

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On June 6, 2013
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Champion Juicers


Champion has only 2 models. One is for househ0ld use and the other for commercial use. They have the same features and design. But the commercial model is stronger.

Champion Juicer

Champion Household Juicer
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Champion Juicer

Champion Commercial Juicer
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Leafy Green Attachment 

Champion Leafy Green Attachment allows you to use Champion Juicers for Leafy Green such as Wheatgrass, Kale, Collard, Turnips, Sprouts etc.

Champion Leafy Green Attachment

Champion Leafy Green Attachment
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Champion Juicers Review

Founded in 1955 Champion Juicers produces juicers for both home and commercial use. Considered to be the workhorse among all of the various juicer brands Champion juicers are especially designed to efficiently produce high quality juice year after year.

Focus on Function over Form

While most juicer manufacturers are busy putting out model after model of great looking juicers, Champion manufacturers focus not on how good their juicers look, but how well and how long they function. These juicers are made for continuous heavy use and they are so durable that some models have known to function for 30 years or more. That is unheard in kitchen appliances.

Keeping it Simple

Champion juicers are so touch because the company believes in keeping it simply and sticking with what has been shown to work. Forget about all the advanced technological parts like touch screens and the such this juicer keeps it simple with few parts, just enough to deliver high quality and a high volume of juice each and every time you use it. That is why so many beginning juicers are turning to Champion juicers as well as though more dedicated juices. Features of these juicers include:

  • 1/3 HP General Electric motor that has been known to run for 10 or more years.
  • 175RPM 650 Watts of pure power
  • 1.75” feed tube
  • Durable Heavy duty parts. Many of the parts that are 100% FDA approved stainless steel and nylon
  • A floating cutter
  • Accessory kit that includes Instructional manual, Tamper Server and Juicing and blank screens

Although this juicer is not recommended for wheat grass or leafy greens you can buy a separate attachment that will process these types of produce into juice for you.

Does More than Juice

Surprisingly for a simple juicer without any bells and whistles this juicer is capable of doing far more than just providing you with that morning juice. It can also be used to make baby foods, nut butters, ice creams and sorbets, fruit and vegetable smoothies and even coconut milk. Add the grain attachment and you even grind your own fresh wholesome flour.

Easy to Clean

Although Champion juicers do not contain any dishwasher safe parts, they are still easy to clean there are no screws to remove and few parts. In most cases, you can clean the parts simply by running them under cool or warm water immediately after juicing

Easy to Replace Parts

Of course when you have a juicer that has a durable powerful motor that continues to run year after year, there is going to some minor part here and there that will eventually wear out. However, parts for the Champion juicers are readily available and it really is cheaper replacing a small part on these juicers rather than having to invest in a new expensive juicer.

Easy on the Pocketbook

Best of all Champion Juicers are extremely easy on the pocketbook. While the commercial juicers can run anywhere from around $260 to $600 household juicers are a real steal and less than $225.00 in many cases.

If you are looking to buy your first and possibly last juicers, or if you are simply looking for a dependable juicer that is designed for heavier juice and are the type of person that believes that beauty is more than skin deep then a Champion juicer just may be the ideal juicer for you.




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