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Very solid and well made. It does not crash under pressure. Juice anything from fruits, soft fruits and leafy green to wheatgrass. Very easy to assemble and clean. Make sure pulp is ejecting so it will not clog up. Low foam, consistent performance.

Omega VRT 330 Juicer

Omega VRT 330 Juicer

Omega VRT 330

 Vertical Masticating Auto Pulp Ejection Juicer

If you are a dedicated juicer and are looking for a new juicing machine that gives you pure tasting juice without that water down taste that most other juicers produce then the Omega VRT 330 Juicer might be a juicer you want to consider.


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Features of the VRT 330 Juicer

The Omega VRT 330 juicer is a single auger juicer that has several features that will prove to come in handy for those who plan on juicing on a daily basis. Here are some of the features that help to make this juicer dependable and easy to use.

  • 2 Horse power single induction motor
  • Dual stage juicing. The first stage breaks down the fibers in the produce and the second stage gently renders the juice from the produce by squeezing the broken down fibers.
  • Wide feeder chute results in less preparation time.
  • Auto pulp ejection means that you don’t have to stop juicing in order to remove pulp.
  • Silicone Juicing blade, wipes juicing screen as you juice helping to keep the screen clean and the juice flowing.
  • Reverse for when produce gets stuck
  • Comes with both a fine and coarse juicing screen
  • 2- 50 ounce juicing cups
  • A Tamper
  • Cleaning brush
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Sturdy build
  • Quiet running
  • Space saving design
  • Comes in white only

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Types of Produce the VRT 330 can Juice

The Omega VRT 330 juicer is designed to juice just about every kind of produce imaginable. It makes short work of hard fruits and vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumbers, and apples and does a credible job on softer produce such as citrus fruit, berries, melons, and tomatoes. It also juices green leafy vegetables and even wheat grass though some users report that when juicing wheat grass it can be a slow process.

The Technology Behind The Omega VRT 330 Juicer

Masticating juicers such as the Omega VRT 330 juicer are considered to produce the most healthy and tasty juice of any type of juicer. This is because these juices run at slow enough RPMs to avoid “heating” the juice, which results in the juice retaining more of the nutrients and flavor. However, the Omega VRT juicer must do a better job of retaining flavor than most other masticating juicers as many users of this juicer who have used other types of juicers before turning to the VRT 330 claim that this juicer produces the best tasting juice they have ever had.

One of the reasons for this is because juice from the Omega VRT330 juicer does not tend to separate which leaves the juice tasting more like the actual fruit and vegetables from which it is made. Reviewers for this juicer report that that apple juice made with juicer tastes exactly like you are biting into a fresh crisp apple. Not only does this juicer maintain more of the taste of the fresh produce, it also retains more of the natural color as well.

While the Omega VRT 330 Juicer is somewhat expensive running between $260.00 and $330.00 most users feel that quality of juice that this juicer produces is well worth the cost of the appliance.


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