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Great masticating Juicer. So easy to setup. No need to push produce down, it just grinds it as food drops in the cylinder. Great tasing, perserve enzyme because it is low speed. Self cleaning feature cleans as you juicer. It juices anything from soft fruits to leafy green even wheatgrass. One juicer does it all!

Omega VRT 350 Juicer

Omega VRT 350 Juicer

Omega VRT350 Juicer

Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger , Auto Pulp Ejection Masticating Juicer


When looking for a juicer most people want to buy the best juicer they can afford. For those dedicated juicers the Omega VRT350 juicer is often the juicer of choice. Many people wonder why dedicated juicers choose the Omega VRT 350 over the VRT 330 when the two juicers seem to be identical except for the color and the VRT 350 costs about $50.00 more.

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The answer to this question is simple, while the Omega VRT 350 and VRT 330 are almost identical the Omega VRT 350 has a stronger filter screen that is 8 times stronger than the screen on the VRT 330. This is important because many users of the VRT 330 found that the plastic around the screen in the VRT 330 would crack. While the company did replace this part, it takes time to return the broken part and get a new working part shipped, rendering the juicer unusable until the new part arrives. With the stronger filter in the Omega VRT 350 dedicated juicers don’t have to worry that they won’t be able to juice for periods of time while they wait on a replacement part.

Features of the Omega VRT 350

The Omega VRT 350 has the same great features of the VRT 330 with the exception that the VRT 350 has a stronger filter. These features include:

  • 2 horse power single induction motor
  • wide feed chute
  • auto pulp injector
  • Silicone wiping blade
  • Reverse
  • 2- 50 ounce cups for juicing
  • Tamper. Cleaning brush
  • 10 year warranty
  • Sturdy design
  • Space saving design
  • Silver and black color
  • juicing screens that are 8 times stronger than the screen on the VRT 330

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Types of Produce the Omega VRT 350 Juices

Like the VRT 330 the Omega VRT 350 juices just about any type of produce imaginable. Actual users report that the juice this appliance renders is full of nutrients, and has great color and taste. They also report that that this juicer is great at juicing greens and even juice wheat grass although doing so does take some effort. On the other hand hard produce and even citrus fruit and berries are a snap to juice using the VRT 350 making it possible for users to create a wide variety of different juices from both fruits and vegetables.

Technology of the Omega VRT 350

The technology behind the Omega VRT 350 is the same as that of the VRT 330. Both are masticating juicers that press and gently squeeze the juice which helps to maintain more of the produces natural taste and color as well as far more of the enzymes and nutrients of the produce resulting in healthier juice.

For dedicated juicers masticating juicers are the juicers of choice as the results of these juicers are far superior to those of Centrifuge juicers. Though more expensive, masticating juicers are worth the price for those who are juicing for health reasons or those who want the best tasting juice possible.

Is The Omega VRT 350 Worth The Price?

Many people wonder if the extra cost of the Omega VRT 350 is worth the price. That depends on how your point of view. While the VRT 350 does cost more than the VRT 330 the stronger filter makes the cost worth it to those who don’t want the hassle of having their juicer break down. In addition, the VRT 350 is still priced below many other masticating juicers on the market, which still makes the $380.00 price tag attractive to many dedicated juicers.


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