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by Betty Goodberry

Review of: Omega VRT400 HD

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On September 8, 2013
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Omega VRT 400 Vertical Masticating HD Juicer/Flap


Omega VRT400 JuicerJuicing has become a very important part of people’s lives in recent years. There has been literally thousands upon thousands of people all the world who have turned to juicing as a way to lose weight, to eat healthier and in an effort to improve their health and the health of their families. Many of these people find that juicing gives them more energy and even a better outlook on life. For these people finding the right juicer like the Omega VRT 400 vertical masticating HD juicer/flap helps them meet all of their daily juicing needs. So just what makes this Juicer so popular? Let’s take a look and find out.

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The Omega VRT 400 has all the Right Features

The Omega VRT 400 Has all the right features to make great tasting juice out of just about any type of fruit or vegetable produce you throw into it. These features include:

  • Vertical space saving design
  • Low speed juicing (80RPMs) for less oxidation
  • Continuous juicing
  • Fine Juicing screen to remove excess pulp
  • Auto cleaning system
  • Large feeding chute
  • Silver finish
  • Dimensions: 15.5” H X 7” W X 8.5” D
  • 15year warranty

The space saving vertical design and beautiful silver finish of this juicer makes it a juicer that you will be proud to leave out on your kitchen counter for making great tasting juice every day of the week, while the auto cleaning system on this juicer saves you valuable time time in the kitchen cleaning up from your juicing experience. However, perhaps the most valuable feature of the Omega VERT 400 is the 15 year warranty that is one of the longest warranties offered for juicers and shows just how confident Omega is in this juicers ability to function day after day and year after year.

However, the real test of any juicer is how it performs in real life situations so let’s see what actual users who have tried the Omega VRT 400 Vertical Masticating HD juicer/flap have to say about this juicer.

How Do Actual Users Like the VRT 400?

Reading through the numerous reviews for the Omega VRT 400 it is clear that the majority of people who purchased this juicer are pleased with their choice. Here are a few of the features that many consumers raved about.

The Omega VRT 400 is Quiet

Anyone who has been juicing for any length of time knows that juicers tend to be incredibly loud. However, those using the VRT 400 state that this juicer is one of the quietest juicers that they have ever used, allowing for actual conversation while juicing. Many users found the quietness of this juicer refreshing.

High Yield

Users also found that the VRT 400 gave them a high yield of juice for the amount of produce they put into the juicer. This feature will save them money over the long term as produce is expensive and they will be saving money on every single glass of juice they make.

Ease of Cleaning

Users also found that the Omega VRT 400 was easy to clean, saving them time in their overall juice making. They loved the fact that this juicer had no sharp edges that could cut them during the clean up process as well.

While the Omega VRT 400 may not be the perfect juicer for everyone it is clear that it is a juicer worth considering if you are a dedicated juicers who likes fresh juice on a daily basis.

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